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✔️ Where Does Delta Fly to?

Delta AirLines covers 325 destinations in 52 countries, making it one of the busiest airlines in the world. Visit Cheap Flight Fares to check your required cities connected by Delta.

✔️ What Airlines Operate Similar Routes?

There are thousands of flights operated by other major airlines on the same route like Delta. You will find them on Cheap Flight Fares and easily book them online with simple steps.

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The best source to get the cheapest tickets for Delta flights is Paradise Travels LLC. It offers the most affordable flight ticket and the frequent offers and deals on sites make it even cheaper.

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With Cheap Flight Fares, you can easily book a hotel together with a flight under our Flight+Hotel Combo. It allows you to enjoy a convenient, and luxury travel itinerary during your vacation.

Get To Know More About Delta AirLines

Delta Airlines

Delta is one of the major legacy carriers of the US, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline was founded in 1925 as Huff Daland Dusters in Macon, Georgia. It has nine hubs, Atlanta being the busiest and the largest in terms of the number of Delta passengers and departures. It covers 325 major cities of 52 countries in six continents, making it one of the world's most popular airlines. Delta has a fleet 919 aircraft, mostly Manufactured by Airbus and Boeing. It is the largest operator of Boeing 717, Boeing 757, and Boeing 767 in the world.

Hand baggage

Delta provides a very flexible hand baggage policy, which allows passengers to bring their essentials in the cabin with them. You can notify them about the number of bags you are carrying 24-hours before your departure. Delta allows its passengers to carry at least one hand luggage and one personal item on board. The approved personal items include one purse, briefcase, small backpack, camera bag, or diaper bag (if you have infant), one laptop, one item of similar or small size to those listed above, a jacket or an umbrella, Food and drink purchased after security checkpoint and duty free merchandise, and Strollers, wheelchairs, child-safety seats or assistive devices like crutches. The weight and dimension of the cabin bag must meet the approved maximum requirement and must fit in the overhead deck. For every bag or item that weighs more than required weight, must be charged.

Checked Baggage

Delta’s checked baggage policy allows passengers to carry two standard bags free of charge. However, the weight and the dimension of the luggage varies depending on the aircraft, cabin class, and destinations. If you are traveling within the United States, you need to pay 40 USD for a second standard bag under 23 kg each way. The baggage size shouldn’t exceed 158 cm (Length + Width + Height). On flights within the US, Canada (including the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, bags exceeding 45.36 kg are not allowed. On flights between North / South / Central America and Europe / North Africa, the weight of the bag shouldn’t exceed 31.75 kg. On flights to / from / within Australia and New Zealand, bags exceeding 31.75 are not allowed. On flights to / from / through Europe, South Africa or the United Arab Emirates, bags should be within 31.75 kg.

Online check-in

You can easily check-in on Delta’s official website, Delta app, or in-person at the airport. The online check-in process starts 24-hours before the scheduled departure of the Delta flight. Web check-in speeds up the process, under which you can even print your boarding pass directly. With online check-in, you are no longer required to stand in a queue at Delta’s airport counter. During the online check-in process, you can easily check, choose, and change the seating arrangements as per your comfort. You can also notify the airline about the number of bags you are carrying. Don’t forget to carry your passport, government ID, and other documents if you are traveling outside the US or you are a foreign citizen.


With 915 commercial flights, Delta is the second largest airline by fleet size in the world. Recently, it has ordered more Boeings for new and modern narrow and wide body aircraft, and began a massive fleet renewal effort. It has a total of 420 Airbus and 510 Boeing aircraft. It operates the largest Boeing feet in the world and largest Airbus fleet in the US.


Delta was founded in 1925 and commenced its operation in 1929. Its major hubs are Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis / St. Paul, John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport in New York, Salt Lake City, and Seattle / Tacoma. Raleigh / Durham is its focus city. Additionally, its frequent flyer program SkyMiles provides its passengers with various exciting deals, discounts, and other perks, such as lounge access, complimentary meals, upgrades, etc. Furthermore, Delta along with its alliance partners operate 15,000 flights per day. It is the only U.S. carrier that offers flights to Copenhagen and Dakar.

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